shadowlandshorde ao enhancements



The site update and its redesign might come suprising, but for different reasons I have returned to Anarchy Online, only this time I stand on the side of the Clans.
This of course means that I will be skinning the new GUI as soon as possible. But the next thing you will see on this site are a couple of Wallpapers I made.
As always im open to suggestions via email (see below).


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Shadow Wallpaper
Pandemonium Wallpaper

As promised, here are two of my AO wallpapers. The first one was originally meant to be the startup Screen for the Shadowdovvetech, my production title of the Shadowlands GUI Skin. The second one is inspired by the Silent Hill games from Konami and based on the Shadow Wallpaper. For those who want to know, the sentences come from the descriptions of the Pandemonium Armor.

View the Shadow Wallpaper (1280x960).

View the Pandemonium Wallpaper (1280x960).


Dovve Style Interface Shot
NPC Interface

A replacement GUI for Anarchy Online based on the maginificient skin by Dovve. This version features a fully skinned Notum Wars minimap, NPC interface, as well as some other tweaks.

Yesterday, after the patch, some silver button appeared in view, and that one is skinned now in the version 3.3 (if you dont know what I mean, its the ? button on the planetmap), additionally I would like to thank "Mike" for sending me an email about the improvement bars in the protection section, this has been fixed now as well. No new screenshots this time as RK3 is down for E Patch right now.

View the fullscreen dovve style screenshot.

View the fullscreen NPC Interface screenshot.

Download the Skin (1.35mb)


Shadowlandshorde Launcher

A replacement GUI for the Anarchy Online Launcher in the shadowlandshorde style. I might be updating this sometime, propably at the shadowlands release.

View the fullscreen screenshot.

Download the Skin (568kb)